Compact apartment in Warsaw

August 27, 2013
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1-Compact apartment in Warsaw

This apartment is designed for comfort and relaxation with the baby’s father, in the room there is even a folding table with a kitchen. Due to the transformation of the kitchen can be easy to hide, so the child could spend more time on active games. In such an apartment would be easy to run, shoot, jump.

3-blue chair

If the kitchen is collected into one, the room is spacious and the kitchen has not even attracted attention because it is white.

4-pembroke table

When the kitchen is in the unfolded form, the combination of colors looks very impressive and colorful, this color scheme is striking in its beauty.


The basic furniture that is used is made to order, the materials used in the most simple, plywood, which is painted in a bright color.

6-many books

Since the boys love to run around and have fun, almost all the furniture in the house folding, also beautiful and comfortable bag for seats or felting.

7-spacious room

Very comfortable bedroom with a large mattress, and the most unusual is the arch between the bedroom and bathroom, which is covered with transparent plastic that is easy to clean.


The room is low and there is a small window in which you can admire the beautiful panorama of Warsaw.


The bathroom has a large window which is also directed to the window, looks very interesting, the washing machine is built under the bed, and part of it, as it were, and in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

10-dressing room

The room is spacious and comfortable it can also be used to make guests at the dining table can seat four people if the table is folded, it is quite possible to create a divider between the kitchen and greasy spot.

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