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September 12, 2013
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Apart from baking cookies to waft about the house every time you have visitors, there is nothing better than using candles to make your home smell gorgeous.
The smell of your home is one of the things that really sticks in someone’s memory, so be sure to invest in some carefully chosen scents for the rooms in your house, so your guests can fully enjoy the aesthetics of your home – that you have worked so hard on – without a funky smell following them about.

So, let the experts help with your scented candles choice, by visiting online retailers such as Best Kept Secrets. They can offer everything from candle tins, natural candles, stylish boat candles and rattan reed diffusers, to occasion candles. These personalised candles can be a great gift, or a gentle suggestion that a friend spruces up the smell of her house!

Even though you will be shopping online, and therefore cannot experience what each candle smells like, there is detailed descriptions that put your supermarket candles to shame. For example, the Daisy Bouquet candle tin has a scent described as ‘fresh, floral notes of jasmine, lily of the valet and radiant musk’.

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Here’s our guide to the best scents for each room in your home:

Living Room
Your living room should be inviting and pleasant for all to be in, so don’t get too crazy with your candle choice. Just enough scent to complement the room is needed, so stick to subtle and earthy tones. Fragrances like citrus, or light floral scents will be perfect and inoffensive to your guests.

When you think of a kitchen, you think food. This can also apply to the scent you choose for this room, creating a home cooking feel as soon as you walk through the door. Scents such as vanilla, coffee, apple and cookies will turn your kitchen from aesthetically pleasing, to utterly delicious to smell.

Avoid heavy floral scents in your boudoir, as they can overpower the room and won’t be good for relieving stress and getting ready to go to sleep. Lavender is a great scent for promoting a good night’s sleep, with eucalyptus bringing your stress levels down. It’s also wise to try and choose a colour candle that complements your bedroom colour scheme.

Your bathroom is a haven of cleanliness, so it essential to choose candles that marry well with this clean and fresh theme. Scents such as mint, citrus and ones that are ocean themed are perfect for a relaxing bath, or a refreshing shower.

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