How to spruce up your shed

September 13, 2013
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What with your homely interior, luscious lawn and flowering bushes taking centre-stage when you renovate your house, it’s often easy to forget about your shed – it needs some love too!

Whether your pile of garden tools resembles a jumble sale or you just want to make room for additional storage space, here is our step-by-step guide to sprucing up your shed for less!

storage space

Step One: Clear out
The obvious place to start is by taking everything out of the shed (on a fine day, of course) and giving the floors and walls a good clean – watch out for spiders though!

Step Two: Check the wood
If you live in a wet climate, it can be easy for wood to become rotten and damaged. Before you proceed, make sure all floorboards look healthy, your frame is sturdy and your floor is stable.

Step Three: Look for leaks
If you notice water circles on the roof or water damage on the floor, replacing the roof is highly recommended. If you don’t, it will only lead to bigger problems and costs, like your contents getting damaged. Replace the wooden slats and add some roof felt, such as from the colourful collection available at North East Roofing Supplies.

Step Four: Try the door
Like the roof, not installing a protective door could lead to larger, costlier problems – such as theft. Whatever your shed contains, it is best to install a new latch so your contents are secure from pesky burglars.

Step Five: Pick a paint
Bring your old and drab shed to life with a lick of paint both inside and out. Choose an outside colour that compliments your home or your garden’s colour scheme. And if you’re turning your shed into a ‘den’ for the kids, let them go wild with creativity.

Step Six: Save your storage
Instead of letting everything heap up into a giant mess like last time, install shelves or add a bookcase so all of your tools, trinkets and items are on display and easy to find.

Step Seven: Decorate the shed
This could be anything from hanging some bunting, adding shutters and installing stone veneer to giving your shed a decorative trim or adorning with ivy for a more nature-inspired look.

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