Pop-Art Apartment in Style of 1960s: “210 Coca-Cola Bottles”, 3d Wall Panel, Zebra Skin and Bubble Chairs

September 17, 2013
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11-relaxation zone

The Host:
Arcady, an interior designer

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 90 m²
Ceiling height: 3 m
Floor number: 9

Arcady, an employer of Bar&Club Design studio, bought a flat in a newly-built house on Copernicus Street in 2005, but celebrated a house-warming only last August. The entire interior décor was developed by the host himself: the basic concept was worked out within a month, while the refurbishment took another 4 months.

In point of style Arcady was sticking to trends of 1960s. As a starting point served a reproduction of Andy Warhol’s picture “210 Coca-Cola Bottles” in the lounge. The copy was made by a Kiev artist Olesya Shaparenko. One more key element is bubble chairs. The model was created in early 1960s by a Finnish designer Eero Aarnio to become a true symbol of an era. Referring to that time are also white varnished surfaces: floors, table tops and kitchen furniture.

A kitchenette features a relaxation zone with a sofa and arm-chairs, as well as a home office.


Bubble chairs are copies of world famous models – made by Adelta mill and ordered from China. Serving as a background for them is a zebra skin from Africa, also typical of 1960s. A red wall was inlaid with composite 3D panels by Decodesk.

21-Bubble chairs

A sofa was custom-made from Arcady’s drawings. White coffee table by Calligaris, Italy. Lamp — Artemide Trifluo.

31-sofa was custom-made

As a consequence of re-planning, the door opening between the bedroom and the lounge disappeared. To avoid time- and effort-consuming procedure of bricking it in and to do without a dead wall, Arcady arranged here a semitransparent plastic panel with built-in illumination. Besides zoning the space, it serves as a bonus color-changing light source.


The kitchen is divided into 2 zones: a “cold” one includes a sink and a spot for washing and slicing vegetables, a “hot” one features a cooking electric panel. The entire kitchen furniture was made in Kiev. An air vent, which additionally serves for visual interconnection of the kitchen and the lounge, was designed by the host himself: wooden slats stretch out from a one-piece block of stainless steel to an illuminated plastic panel.



One kitchen wall is meant for fresh photos and masks collected by Arcady. Despite its contemporary look, a concrete bar was also inspired by 1960s. All chairs in the lodging come from Magis mill’s One Family collection.

61-2 zones-kitchen

The bedroom décor belongs to minimalist stream. The only furniture present here is a bed with bedside tables by Calligaris. Clothes and personal stuff are stored in a walk-in closet hidden behind glass sliding doors. The bed was designed by Arcady. Illuminated from beneath, it creates a levitation feeling.



The bathroom features concrete walls, white sanitary porcelain and mixing taps by Noken.


An illuminated mirror is one more Arcady’s creation. Light intensity in the room is controllable. Sink — Falper (Shape model).

91-illuminated mirror

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