Square visualization apartment

September 18, 2013
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3-beautiful chairs

In this living room as well as around the home using a cubic shape, for example the same shelving for books and other magazines over the sofa is high and flexible floor lamp that is well used to read books in the evening.

2-transparent windows

This area is the living room has transparent walls, which are made as windows, they are also square, the floor in the room darker. The story is beautiful and bright striped rug, which allows you to walk barefoot, the sofa, is a beautiful black floor lamp with a little shade, and on the wall is a small painting picture which probably represented the owners. Near the recreation area is a coffee table constructed of ice with little metal pegs that are virtually invisible. The dining area is adjacent to the kitchen, a small white table with big legs wide and 6 chairs with light wood.

1-dark carpet

This lovely apartment is close to the industrial and modern loft, which often sends the designer to put the lights in the house, and here it is impossible to make an error. In the apartment of an old industrial and motive diverts light furniture such as dining furniture, carpet, chairs and light add to the atmosphere, and makes it cozy. But the polished floor of the natural concrete, which is gray in color returns to the industrial area and the stresses it makes the room a bit cold.



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