The tiny apartment in Barcelona

September 18, 2013
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This tiny apartment belongs to the talented photographer Christian Shallerta . This apartment is located in the technical building on the sixth floor in one of the houses in Barcelona.

2-table light

In this tiny apartment has all the amenity for a comfortable stay, all furniture is built into the wall.

3-red chair

In this apartment there is a shower and a bed, and even a bathroom with a window. The apartment has a small kitchen with a large fridge and dishwasher friendly.

4-beautiful curtains

This apartment Christine helped remake the architect Barbara Apolloni , which has created a convenient project and helped prepare the apartment comfortable to live in, she highlighted some areas of life.

5-beautiful bedroom

Thanks to a hidden furniture that can be closed is a feeling that the furniture and not at all in the house and then the space seem larger than it really is.

6-long cabinet

Architect recommends this apartment for a very active person who is constantly in motion, as the furniture will need to constantly open, close or move.

7-long cabinet

Very comfortable too, that a large double bed is very comfortable can be extended away from under the balcony, because of this you can expand the space, such as for receiving friends.


For accommodation the workplace should also try to push the table out of the wall, a dining table extends similarly and the chairs can be stored on the balcony.

9-beautiful view

10-beautiful floor

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