Apartment in Light Green with Numerous Vertical Accents and Wood Slat Seiling

September 19, 2013
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The Host:

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 65 m²
Ceiling height: 2.75 m
Floor number: 17

Vitalis invested his spare money into a contemporary apartment in a modern housing estate two years ago. Though it was initially meant for renting out, the young man set his teeth for thorough renovation and quality interior design.

Getting the flat into shape took him 4 months: the original lodging was standard, two-room, with a long corridor having exits to all the rooms on one side. Thus, the rooms were narrow, a tiny WC and bathroom were separate, and the spacious corridor wasn’t fit to rational use. As a result of re-planning appeared a spacious kitchenette with two windows and a panoramic view, a full-fledged bedroom featuring a home office zone, a 5-m² walk-in closet, a small utility room, and a bathroom unit including the toilet.

As fundamentals of décor Vitalis chose neutral colors and natural materials. The majority of furniture was made in Germany, though IKEA items are also present here. A window-sill in the bedroom was replaced with an oak table top for a full-fledged work zone.


A special feature of the kitchen is a wood slat ceiling with three built-in chrome-plated lamps, which proved to be the most complicated stage of refurbishment in terms of manufacturability. In the height of the process it turned out that even long pinewood slats are true black swans in Russia, and they had to be ordered from neighboring Finland. Further the slats were covered with mordant and a few layers of varnish to be finally installed on the ceiling with the help of hidden joints. A chandelier giving soft light to a dining table was custom-made in a Finnish studio from plywood. For the sake of softening the austere interior Vitalis chose two types of chairs: light green with metal legs and ethnic ones, made from teak. A place of honor, over a sofa in the lounge, was set aside for a picture by Gelya Pisareva “On a Duckrun”. The sofa was made on Furman mill in Belarus.








The bathroom is faced with different pink and grey shades of Italian ceramic granite, with mosaic inserts. The host believes that this material will never lose its vogue.



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