Apartment of Old Housing Stock with a Secret Balcony and Active Use of Brick Masonry and Glass

September 19, 2013
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The Hostess:
Eugenia Chucharina, an architect

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 44 m²
Ceiling height: 3.8 m
Floor number: 3

A young architect Eugenia bought an apartment in the core of St. Petersburg 4 years ago and decorated it with the help of her Mom, with whom they run together many other interior projects.

The layout of her purchase in the old housing stock was quite weird: a built-on bathroom was arranged right in the middle of the space, a corridor was disproportionately long, and one of the windows appeared to be walled-up. True, the pluses were also obvious: numerous windows with small metric area and extremely high ceilings. The latter fact suggested an idea of two levels.

Despite their huge experience in renovating, Eugenia and her mother were occupied with this flat for a whole year. They decided on the layout without a second thought: a one-room space with a light-colored kitchenette and a remote bedroom. A bathroom unit including the toilet was shifted to the corridor. As the number of interior ideas was exceeding the limit, many decisions were taken in the midst of the process. The telling impact on them had the hostess’ love for classic loft apartments: brickwork on one of the walls and over the windows was uncovered, and the rest of the surfaces were painted white.

Furniture items were half bought IKEA, half in Indian stores. Antique details were restored, while old fittings were useful in décor and fencing. Original half-round transoms also found their places: one of them became a false bathroom window, the other – a mirror frame in the bedroom. Accessories and plates hanging all over the flat were brought by Eugenia from travels.

Window-sills were lowered by 50 cm, which gave way to new sitting spots. A ready kitchen set was found in IKEA, but its configuration was changed a few times in the process of assembling. A table top is made from natural stone. The pride of the bedroom is a secret balcony, which has only one entrance – through the window.






17-secret balcony

Thanks to the ceiling height, the women were able to arrange a loft bed. Under it installed was a small walk-in closet, since the hostess was dead against hackneyed sliding-door wardrobes. A staircase was custom-made by Paul and Sergei Ivanovs. Old table legs started off a new life as railings.

21-loft bed




A narrow bathroom remained neutral. Among bright details here is only a panel in the shower made of tile samples and remains.




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