Apartment with Costly Sanitary Porcelain and Décor, and Inexpensive Furniture

September 20, 2013
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The Hosts:
Anastasia and Alexander, financiers

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 55 m²
Ceiling height: 3.1 m
Floor number: 3

Many years ago Anastasia made up her mind to sell a three-room apartment in Moscow, which came to her from her Grandma, and buy a smaller lodging in a different neighborhood. Her search efforts were concentrated on old housing stock with high ceilings and solid walls. In the end she fixed upon a two-room flat on Kutuzov Avenue in one of the last pre-war houses.

When a student, the owner was renting the flat out, but after graduation made a slight refurbishment and started to live here on her own. Only last year it came to complete overhaul. During the renovation, which lasted almost a year, the lodging acquired one more inhabitant. However, the originally bachelor’s apartment proved to be good for two too.

Before the refurbishment a great share of living space was consumed by a long corridor and walls between small rooms and a kitchen. New layout and functional solutions claimed professional attention under the hostess’ guidance, and Anastasia turned to Andrew Kalina.


A small kitchen (1), a living room (2) and an entrance hall (3) were joined, while the bedroom zone and a walk-in closet were, on the contrary, allocated. In décor the hostess sought to use only high-quality and natural materials: workers removed old plaster, uncovered brick masonry, laid sandstone plate and oak parquetry, and faced the bathroom with mosaic. Tile Winckelmans, “Greta Wolf”. Sofa Pushe. An old cut-glass chandelier got a new life after being re-painted white.


Molding was restored. The hosts were willing to loosen the purse strings on sanitary porcelain and décor, which resulted in a small budget left for furniture. Still, the hostess approached the interior design with creativity, going beyond solely IKEA items (which are certainly present here anyway). Bracketry connecting the table with a kitchen island was made by a friend in his motorcycle repair room.



Anastasia’s dream was having a bathroom window, but shifting the sanitary unit was strictly prohibited. Still, the window did appear. True, it doesn’t overlook the street, but the bedroom. Since the latter is located on a sunny side, in the daytime the bathroom gets enough natural light. Mosaic, as well as the sandstone plate, was custom-made. Mixing taps and sanitaryware by Damixa, Roca, Jacob Delafon.




Plywood built-in closets for the lounge and bedroom, and a sliding partition turned out to be cheaper in St. Petersburg, even including transportation costs. A bed with a lift mechanism is made by Dream Land. A console mirror of 1930s was bought from the Internet. The Moomins wallpaper was Alexander’s idte fixe. A small bedside table came to Anastasia from her great-grandmother; the girl only had it chipped. Closet by Mr. Doors.

51-Plywood built-in closets



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