Contemporary Apartment with Each Room Designed in Different Interior Style

September 24, 2013
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The Hosts:
Dmitry, engaged in logistics
Anastasia, a buyer in Italian fashion industry
Yolanda, the head of English Language Department in Linguistic University
Sophie, a schoolgirl

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 74 m²
Ceiling height: 2.7 m
Floor number: 13

This three-room apartment in the south of Moscow shelters three generations of this family, and namely four people: Dmitry and Anastasia, their daughter Sophie and Grandma Yolanda. Until recently the lodging looked just as 30 years ago – with heaps of unnecessary stuff in ceiling cabinets and rooms, which had to be taken out in three large containers.

The family were unwilling to launch major overhaul; what they wanted was to replace the old parquetry and put a bathroom and a kid’s room into shape. In the Internet Anastasia found a portfolio of a designer, who shared similar views about beautiful things. The designer’s special interest was the desired interior style − modern Scandinavian, and experiment preparedness. Thus, a slight facelift gradually grew into complete overhaul, and the family had to live in a rented dwelling for almost half a year.

11-contemporary apartment

Unwilling to launch a great re-planning, the owners just had ceiling cabinets removed and a bedroom door shifted. The hosts had 3 chief requirements for the future interior: comfort, eco-friendliness and inexpensiveness.

Flooring was partially made of ceramic granite by Cerim, mosaic in the bathroom, and oak parquetry in the rest of the rooms. The next step was replacement of old radiators with new ones by Arbonia and installation of high-quality sanitaryware.

Most of IKEA furniture was built into wall recesses and diluted with items and details of other brands. Felt sofa in the entrance hall — BoConcept. In order to close an electric control box, wiring and an alarm system, the wall here was supplemented with a ledge and faced with white clinker tiles by Kamrock. For greater visual space the room was adorned with mirrors. TV-set console by Kostroma Furniture. A color poster of Berlin was made by the designer, while the other was found in the Internet.



Anastasia and Dmitry’s bedroom serves as lounge zone at the same time. When needed, the bed converts into a sofa. Carpet − Zara Home, standard lamp — Kostroma Furniture, letters-candlesticks − BoConcept, textile for curtains − IKEA. Pictures of a cat and the daughter’s half-face are Anastasia’s creations.




Sophie studies in the second form and attends a school of art and architecture. When the family were on vacation in Montenegro, a local painter found out her creative skills.

In order to zone relaxation and work areas, a bedhead was accentuated with variegated wallpaper and textile lamps. The latter were custom-made by Electric Project Company.


42-Sophie's room



Grandma Yolanda is a great fan of England. Her room was changed insignificantly: new curtains, re-painting of a bookstand and re-wallpapering.





Marble mosaic in the bathroom proved to be good from both decorative and practical points of view: it’s dirt-resistant, warm and smooth to the touch. For a nicer texture, walls and surfaces here were covered with microconcrete. So that a tiny bathroom was more or less cozy, a bath had to be sacrificed for the sake of a custom-designed shower cabin. Sanitaryware − Hansgrohe, Duravit. For the WC and kitchen the designer picked up a few surprising elements. Three suspended lamps were installed in the toilet room, and white glossy doors by Art Porte were refreshed with grips, which stand out of the overall style concept, but fit into the space quite well.



A dining table is a true rarity, which stands in the waiting list for restoration. A big textile chandelier resembling a BoConcept model was custom-made by Electric Project.

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