Apartment with Minimum Furniture and Alice-from-the-Wonderland Kitchen

September 25, 2013
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The Hosts:
Dmitry & Eugenia

Number of rooms: 4
Metric area: 110 m²
Ceiling height: 3.5 m
Floor number: 4

A big old flat, which now gives shelter to Dmitry and Eugenia, was re-planned back in USSR times in quite an absurd way. Long corridors leaded to narrow rooms, while a stockroom, in defiance of common sense, occupied a place by the window. For the sake of rationalization the hosts had to have many re-arrangements made within a period of one year.

Two entrance doors enabled to change the initial plan of the lodging beyond recognition. Thus, all the public rooms were shifted to the left part of the flat, while all the private spaces, including a bedroom, a light bathroom and a walk-in closet, were put in the left part. Clear split of public and private zones was one of the host’s chief requirements, since he frequently receives relatives and friends. An entrance hall, a lounge with a bar and a kitchen with a big round table formed a single “party” zone, which also embraces a study when needed.

The interior design was arranged by two designers in colonial style, which gives much room for the hosts’ self-expression. Many interior elements were picked up by them independently, and a wall painting inspired by “A Mad Tea Party” theme of “Alice from the Wonderland” was suggested by Dmitry.

Among the sources of furniture were Teak House, Artifacts and Adamant stores. The only IKEA item is a sofa in the lounge. Horns, a mat and suitcases arrived from the grandmother’s country-house. A cast-iron table stand installation, kitchen chairs and bar stools for the lounge were ordered from a showroom, which specializes on furniture for cafes and restaurants.




Preserving the original brick-laying was the host’s idea. A chest, which now serves as a sofa-side table, was found in a commission store. The hosts spend their evenings in the lounge watching movies on a projector screen. All the doors, a bar equipped with a rotation gear, bookstands and a staircase for a study were custom-made in a carpenter’s workshop from designers’ drawings.




The study features a loft bed with a stockroom arranged under it. An antique desk is a designers’ gift.




A bed was purchased in Teak House store. Neighboring the bedroom are a walk-in closet and a bathroom with a window.



At the host’s suggestion, tile in the guest’s bathroom was supplemented with wallpaper featuring coquettish female faces.



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