Autumn decoration living room

September 25, 2013
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In autumn it is possible to collect beautiful leaves of different colors to help create decor. The most common variant of the autumn decor, dried leaves. Collect the most beautiful and colorful leaves, to dry out from between the pages of magazines or books, and boldly put in different size frames, such a beautiful song in the house will get a touch of autumn, and in any interior will look beautiful and interesting.


Pumpkin is not only a great product, which incorporates large amounts of vitamins, but is often used as an ornament, it is especially the main decoration for Halloween. Pumpkin can make a beautiful garter, or garland, you can also make vases, lanterns and candlesticks.

3-beautiful vase

Beautiful fall colors in the vase, or close to them. You can make yourself a vase, it is enough to take a bottle and the colors that you like, and you can buy paint in the Chancery Division or shop for artists. Also, the vase can be pasted beautiful autumn leaves, dry twigs or berries.

4-beautiful composition

Also autumn decor may consist of a composition of beautiful young twigs and acorns, which can be painted in any color or left in its natural color, such a composition would look good in any room or on the dining table.

5-beautiful frame

Wonderful option with your hands, it is beautifully made picture frame, it can be pasted or caps on acorns, bright leaves, or dry berries of mountain ash.


Candles in the autumn are generally tender, they are in the house is warm and cozy, and in the autumn they can warn you with its warm light. The original candle holder can be done independently, collecting small apples, a large candle and a glass vase, you can also add nuts and a couple of sprigs of cinnamon, and the candlestick, and you can just paint the beautiful artist paints.


Do your hands a small tree, find a dry twig with bright berries (mountain ash, viburnum) on twigs can hang pictures that were taken in the summer to admire and enjoy such a beautiful song, the pictures can be attached clips or clothespins, you can place your cards or letters that are dear to you and them and want to constantly re-learn.

8-olfrdst plants

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