Design Ideas apartment-style shabby chic

September 26, 2013
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1-beautiful living room

Shabby chic style combines old things with new technology, furniture, Shabby Chic style is very docile and cute image in bright colors, this trend is usually very airy and soft like a marshmallow. Shabby Chic style is translated as shabby shine.

2-beautiful chair

In this room a mature style Shabby Chic, walls hung wallpaper in white color with a pattern of green branches, and the curtains are also constructed in white with green branches. A chair covered with gold leaf and artificially aged, clad in a chair in the manner of the draperies and wallpaper.

3-beautiful shelf

Beautiful accessory will be a beautiful wooden shelf painted white and looks like it will get old, but nice, you can also use beautiful floor lamps white with pink flowers. There will also be relevant mirrored objects, vases and candle holders.

4-Beautiful living room with kitchen

In the living room of this apartment is built together with the kitchen in the room lots of windows, and large arches. The floor is formed in a dark color, the walls of the room in white and all white furniture. The walls of the room to grow old on purpose.

5-beautiful flowers

Living in the Shabby Chic style can be produced entirely in a minimalist style, but also can be a lot of accessories, such as a large number of lamps, floor lamps, lots of pillows and beautiful antique furniture.

6-old dresser

You can use very old furniture, it only costs a little to update or decorate with new units and accessories in this style are welcome grandmother’s chest of drawers and boxes. You can also employ an old dish with beautiful drawings in the form of flowers.

7-white sofa

8-Union Jack

9-beautiful living room4-

10-lots of pillows

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