One bedroom apartment with interesting details

October 14, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-blue curtains

Studio apartment can be a bright and interesting thing come to everything with panache. The living room has high ceilings, due to this, it looks very spacious, the floor in the room is black and looks very beautiful and interesting.

2-beautiful refrigerator

The whole apartment is a small room like a magic house, the kitchen has beautiful white refrigerator streamlined, on which stands the picture and lay subjects. Paul laid out a beautiful mosaic tiles and the kitchen has beautiful black natural wood flooring, and between the living room and kitchen on the wall built TV, which merges with the wall.


Bathroom, though not great , but it’s ok , you should pay attention to the sink, she looks great , especially the architectural head, in which the hidden plumbing . Over a black tip and a large is large and comfortable shell snow white. The bathroom has a toilet handy, but on the contrary is a bathroom on the Sun The wall in the bathroom is a mirror that visually increases room in general. The bathroom has shelves that are built into the wall, they can put accessories for daily maintenance.

4-bed on the second floor

The second floor apartment has a bedroom, which has a large and comfortable bed, also has a comfortable light, and shelving of books, which can be re-read. Mattress dark blue velvet material complements the small room.

5-Walk-in closet

For a beautiful blue door, is the most important and favorite place of women – beautiful dressing room, where you can store things.

6-black kitchen

The kitchen is very small – but functional, there is a small stove, sink, across the length of the kitchen apart pretty pictures. There is also a comfortable Cupboard.

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