Classic stylish fireplaces in the interior

October 16, 2013
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1-white fireplace

Fireplace in the autumn weather warms you with its warmth, and prepare for the winter season, too, would not hurt. If you have, perhaps, to install a fireplace, consider these ideas, they are sure you will be thrilled. Fireplaces come in different styles: American, French, English. In this collection there are the classic fireplaces with the classical and bright finish, you can also see and minimalist style.

2-fireplace with stone

How to find out how much a stylish fireplace? It’s actually very simple. The fireplace should have a beautiful frame , and practical design. Also, your fireplace should be individually twisted. Above the fireplace is a beautiful console can shelf on which to locate the different items and accessories.
If you want to draw attention to the fireplace and pay attention to it, for example you can hang over the fireplace beautiful mirror which may consist of several parts, over the fireplace look good picture, you can decorate plain plaster wall or put on a beautiful fireplace that will give it the old days. Above the fireplace will also be relevant and a large clock.
The wall that is attached to the fireplace can be practical and functional, for example you can make beautiful shelves or shelves for books. Do not forget about the furniture, which should be combined with a fireplace, and it is necessary to choose one style.
The station is adjacent to the fireplace should be pragmatic and convenient, you can put next to the coffee table, next to the fireplace and you can put a bar, or a bookcase.

9-beautiful color

10-blue wall

6-fireplace with flowers

4-fireplace near the arch

5-beautiful shelves

3-fireplace in vintage style

7-antique fireplace

8-picture in the corner



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