Drawing rooms in a classic style

October 21, 2013
Posted in Living Room


Spacious, but not big and comfortable living room with a dining table and chairs in the beautiful French-style room done in brilliant colors highlight the beautiful room with large windows and vivid colors. Room underscore beautiful crystal chandelier, curtains and golden brown.


The spacious sitting room has a decent tone and colors, allowing you to locate a massive furniture, this furniture looks good in dark wooden flooring, high ceilings in a room adorned with stucco work, and create a harmonious classic living room.

3-beautiful ceiling

Living with a superbly executed with gilt and stucco, which is decorated with well-ceiling, the floor is decorated with original mosaic pattern which is set in the middle of the room.


All the furniture is elegant forms, the mansion has beautiful columns, interior complemented by a classic design with golden hues and decorated with moldings.

5-long table

In the main portion of the room is a large wooden table made of dark wood, all the furniture in the interior of a massive and expensive, the interior looks solid and stylish.

6-nice rack

Dining room connected to the living room, making the room a strict and classical room looks stylish, covers decorated with white light covers, make the room bright and airy.

7-beautiful sofa

Luxury sofa burgundy color with beautiful and luxurious legs, dark wood carvings and elegant, in the middle of the living room is a beautiful round coffee table with beautiful carved patterns on the floor of a beautiful carpet of light color with beautiful bright colors.

8-blue walls

The room is used a nice blue tone with golden hues that looks good in a golden color, the room looks elegant, air, complete the atmosphere of modern luxury sofas and a coffee table.

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