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October 22, 2013
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The kitchen has a rounded shape, refers to the futuristic, the kitchen was created by designers Ferrari. The kitchen itself is made is made of aircraft components, stainless steel.


The kitchen in the style of minimalism made designer Amy Finley, the kitchen is very usable for this dining table is not only easy to prepare dinner, but also a great family dinner.

3-wooden kitchen

This country-style kitchen designs for town houses, it is relevant and will be in the village. In the middle of the room is a tree that is very beautiful and interesting, and from it there is a lamp that looks very bright, and beautiful. And extract hidden in the stones to leave the old days.


The kitchen in a modern manner, offering comfortable working surfaces, which are in the middle of the kitchen. Glossy kitchen looks very modern and stylish.

5-Bamboo flooring,

Modern kitchen with a rounded shape has a greenish tint, has a comfortable bar where you can not only cook lunch or dinner. The floor is paved with green bamboo. The kitchen in the general environment, in the kitchen a lot of windows that let in light.

5-curved walls

The kitchen has a graceful Victorian style and has a beautiful curved walls, all over the kitchen there is carved, wooden furniture and a beautiful lacquered. The lighting in the kitchen as a built in, and hangs a beautiful lamp.

6-open kitchen

The kitchen in the French style and has beautiful high ceilings, beautiful archways with complex elements, there is also a cozy bar for making friends.

7-vaulted ceiling

The kitchen is well suited for a large family that loves to spend time together, and the room has a beautiful oven in which to bake cakes or make homemade food, a house is well suited for a country version.

8-Italian cuisine

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