10 beautiful bedrooms Swedish

October 23, 2013
Posted in Bedroom

1-warm wallpaper

The sleeping room is filled with daylight and warm light that passes through the open window, and there is a small terrace where you can bask in the sunshine in the morning.

2-bright flowers

One of the room is plastered with beautiful wallpaper with beautiful flowers for all big wall, the floor is large and with beautiful wooden planks. Near the crib is a beautiful turquoise chair.

3-wood floor

The sleeping room is small, but very comfortable, and to make it clear, the walls were painted in pure white color, the bed has a beautiful shelf for books.


The Swedish style used in black and shades in the same style is used and played with black and white colors.


In a single room, the furniture should be loose and not cumbersome, opposite the bed weighs a beautiful depiction of Marilyn Monroe on the table is a beautiful coffee table.

6-a pretty picture

Bright and spacious room in beige, large bed is well suited for those who wish to sleep on the volume and soft mattresses. Stacked on the floor are small and small rugs that morning it was nice to step on the floor with her bare feet.


The entire room is composed entirely of white color on a shiny white floor boards are painted white, the bed is small and is designed for single occupants.


The bottom has a streamlined shape like standing next to the tables, it is very convenient for a small room, opposite the bed experiences a wardrobe, and a rack for clothes.

8-white bedroom

Romantic white room with bright pillows soft pink basket on the floor make the room cozy and comfortable.

9-beige walls

Beige wall color matches perfectly with soft pink textiles, floor is very pleasant light in color, with a beautiful tone. Above the bed is a beautiful and elegant shelf for accessories and photographs.

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