Red and white color in the interior

October 23, 2013
Posted in Decor


Red combined with white reminds us of the winter weather, Christmas holidays, and it will look good if the room will penetrate beautiful sun glare.

6-red bathroom

Red with white color is the most simple and classic combination, it reminds strawberries with cream or sour cream. Red – it’s festive and brilliant color. The combinations of red and white color in the interior belong to the royal and the London style.

7-red baby

Red and white shades of love and appreciate all the designers, and they often use it in the interiors of the bright apartments. Typically a selected white wall, light floors, also has red accessories, or vice versa can be light furniture such as bright red walls and white furniture.


The red color blends perfectly in brown hues, and can look flawless, because of the combined strawberries and coffee with cream. Likewise, the red goes well with the color green, which gives it a Christmas look and makes it festive and New Year’s.


The red color is very acute interest, but do not use it very much, so as not to mess up the whole interior.

4-beautiful bed

The red color is very challenging, you can choose the red carpet, or red walls, or it may be red accessories, or you can take a red napkin, pillows and beautiful drapes.

5-red kitchen

The red color is really symbolic, such as it symbolizes love, sunlight, warmth, warmth, courage. To enhance the mood of the red color can be used in the living room, or for appetite in the kitchen, but this color is not quite suited for the bedroom.

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