The combination of colors in the kitchen

October 23, 2013
Posted in Kitchen

1-chocolate color

The kitchen in chocolate color blends well with lemon hue, two very contrasting colors and beautiful, they are very complementary, and the kitchen in white looks really elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Bar stools metallic colors look very harmonious.

2-wine color

Beautiful white gentle hue blends well with the color of the wine, the room walls are painted in the color of the wine, there is a beautiful top shelf for baskets, furniture, white rim of the wine has nice color in this kitchen to hide.

3-blue chairs

The room has a large number of brilliant colors, with beautiful neutral shades, furniture blend well with textiles, beautiful curtains with patterns, and also on the chairs have the same pattern as in the curtains.


A large amount of furniture in the kitchen can help arrange all of your favorite things and objects along the shelves, bright and shiny light pink looks really good with a glossy black top, in the middle of the room is a classic table light walnut. On the windows there is a beautiful curtain with beautiful bamboo blinds.


This color blends well only in this style and want to use it with a beautiful lamp and black furniture blends perfectly with this color is laid on the floor tiles of the same color is used instead of the door curtain. The combination of gold, silver, and black – this is a very complete combination.


The reddish color is mixed with the black color and blends with yellow undertones, the workplace is used for the arch and looks and runs well with metallic colors. Positioned above the work island utensils for cooking.


The kitchen can be bright colors with beautiful shades of purple, much brighter utensils, and the room seems really bright, and the kitchen is large and roomy.

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