A variety of shelves in the bedroom

October 31, 2013
Posted in Bedroom

1-light shelves

Bedroom place which is designed to sleep, and some prefer to do a bedroom in a minimalist style, but when the space in a small apartment. Each wall is a great place for shelves and storage space. It is important to place the shelf in the right place in the bedroom.

2-corner shelf

How to in the bedroom is on the shelves which can stir books, figurines, frames with photos. Most often, the shelves are located next to the bed on the wall near the head. This idea looks very beautiful and interesting.

3-gray wall

Shelves in the bedroom will look good if you want to update the decor, and revitalize the interior, if you really like to read in bed before going to sleep, if you like cute accessories, vases, figurines, beautiful dishes.

4-white wall

The simplest solution and the choice of shelves, bright colors and simple shapes in the form of a long board, this shelf can be very versatile, you can put a book together, and place the accessories. It is necessary to determine the proper location and to determine the correct height shelf should be reachable when you are standing at full height, so you can get the book just not improvised.

5-brown shelves

Also, the shelf in the room can be selected to match the bed, this decision will make the room too interesting, you can also choose a color in the color tables shelves, this regiment will make the room beautiful. If the bed has a projection or columns can be nice to screw the long shelves. Also, the shelf can be screwed into a beautiful lighting to read the book before going to bed.

6-dark rack

If you love to read books, look for racks with small shelves, it can be simple materials that will withstand the weight of books.

7-long shelf

8-a lot of books

9-pink wall

10-long shelf

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