Bright neon color in the interior

November 1, 2013
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Such a smart interior and a beautiful brighten drab daily everyday life, it will bring new emotions, quite a couple of neon items , or some furniture that will be bright and interesting.
To achieve a bright neon shade that complements crowbar apartment or house  it is enough to paint one part  such as paint the door or window paint, or one part of the wall. Psychologists say that the color has a lot of impact on a person’s mood and other people. Some colors may have very good news, and some color can inhibit the contrary, you can also influence the colors of a person’s appetite, and also for his absence.

The bright and flashy colors – it’s purple, green, pink, yellow and others. Neon colors have come into vogue interior in 90 years, these colors fit into the interior, and people like them a positive and cheerful. This beautiful bright color will not please everyone, and some may fear such bright colors in the interior, and refer to them with caution.
When choosing a neon shade, try to take a concise version, so it fits well and complements its entirety. Imaginative and creative individuals can decorate not just one thing, and decorate the apartment, wall-to- ceiling windows, and doors can also be neon colors.

Bright colors can be blended with each other, but the main thing is not to overdo it, it is best to use solid color, the color should fit comfortably into the interior. Besides, the furniture should fit into the interior, and the interior does not have to look flashy to avoid feelings nightclub with neon shades.

2-beautiful canopy

3-gorgeous bed


5-yellow kitchen

6-beautiful tablecloth

7-colorful chairs

8-bright lamp

9-bright bathroom

10-bright cushions

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