Student apartment in Paris

November 6, 2013
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This apartment was made perfect designer Marianne Evan Create and customize your apartment for a student who is studying in Paris, the total area of the apartment as a whole is 25 square meters. Marianne loves very small apartments because you have to include a special imagination to create and design, so the apartment was cozy and beautiful.

2-dried fish

The apartment belongs to a young student, whose name is Robin Evan. This apartment is close to the museum in Paris. Originally apartment they got in a terrible state, but they liked the location and the settings that they have decided to make the repairs, and they got it good. They included a fantasy and did everything to your liking.

3-beautiful drawings

Robin student, studying to be a programmer, it is modern, and he instantly knew what he wanted in the interior, it is not like the old and antique things. He loves contemporary pieces, and accessories. He likes the industrial style, his mother listened to it and added the interior of the oven, which looks really interesting and industrially.


Marianne very well thought out and everything to the smallest detail, this small apartment she still came up with a hall that was a boundary between the entrance from the street and other rooms. In the center of the room the kitchen was separated from the other rooms, which is decent, and there was one room.

4-long chairs

The room is every place used to good use, for example in the living room with a sofa on one side, on the other table for work and training.

5-black kitchen

The apartment has large windows that admit plenty of natural light, which is very economical.

6-beautiful stove

7-gray corridor

8-young Student

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