Apartment in Moscow in classic style

November 8, 2013
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The apartment belongs to a small family who bought it when they had very little money, but after updating to the house, they are in search of a new place, and they decided to update the old time. In this they were helped by a designer who facilitated their task.

2-white frame

Designer Julia in a short time and was able to arrange an immediate sale of strong cast, and she got a beautiful apartment for four people.

3-a lot of pictures

Since the place is everything required for a short time, the designer has made the living room a little more, we’re equipped built-in wardrobes, and it is very convenient to divide each area for the convenience of the owners.

4-light vase

Two rooms are designed in the afternoon as the front room, and a games room, as children do not attend kindergarten, and in the evening and at night room designed for sleeping, and a sofa bed is made.

5-round table

Inside, the interior is made it is made very beautiful and very well thought out, it takes some discipline. All things in the interior stored in hidden closets, allowing you to construct the interior spacious and cozy.

6-old tile

All the things enjoyed by the owners often have in the clear, and the ones that rarely are they hiding in closets. In the kitchen, there are no overhead cabinets, and without a bottom kitchen visually appear larger.


The interior is very nice and unobtrusive, minimalist style diluted with bright colors. The interior is a mass of beautiful old photographs, graphic paintings and accessories.

8-old carpet

The interior uses a large number of accessories that makes the interior homely and natural to stay on the couch pillows are bright.


10-large window

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