The green color in the interior

November 11, 2013
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The green color in the interior, if it is dominant, it is necessary to take into account what will be different shades and colors of the furniture and accessories. Green with big beautiful green and rich texture, there are a wide variety of shades. Color green, you will constantly be reminded of the spring, summer, and warm weather today, which is warm in cold days and happy. The color green is associated with lush grass, flowers, fresh air and nature.
The combination of green color with other shades or may well look and advantageous, or vice versa, the main thing to know how to combine them. The lighting in the interior plays a huge role, and therefore it should be used correctly and competently. It is best to blend the colors of daylight. The dark green color will blend well with dark and contrasting colors of black, red and other vibrant colors.
If the room takes a modest amount of light is to create artificial light color also should choose lighter shades of lettuce and yellow hues. Green color with bright colors will not only look good, but also to lift the mood and action.
To create a strong atmosphere can add shades of gray, and cooler, a more stern tone fit for the design room or rooms for the job. Kitchen in green will look good in shades of light green, it may look juicy, appetizing, and uplifting. Against the background of bright kitchen will look good juicy fruit, citrus fruits are best. You can use the seat cushions or upholstery with green materials. Also, the kitchen can be ornamented with statues, frames, plates, and paintings.

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