Interior decoration in the hall

November 14, 2013
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9-comfy banquette

The interior is also in the hallway to make out nicely, because the meet on clothes. The main problem of modern corridor design is its parameters and dimensions. Typically, the passage is small. If you live in the apartment one person, interior corridor can be simple and minimal, but if the family is large, this can be a problem, as more and more people, the more things of shoes that need to properly position.

10-light corridor

It is necessary to choose the furniture that will be comfortable in the interior, and not very extensive. In today’s world of furniture can make the order, it will be easier than finding a suitable wardrobe. The furniture should be compact.

2-beige hallway

The hallway is spacious and is made in a classic style, it will not stretch and relax after work.

3-black furniture

The ideal and spacious hallway, sometimes reminiscent of a cozy living room. The walls are painted in a fun color. The interior complements the floor vase on the floor lies an interesting style zebra rug and ottoman complements it, despite the fact that he lyapisty.

4-blue Box

The corridor of the minimalist white walls, with interesting cabinets that look like huge folder of paper. Corridor like Navy Pier, there is birds and boats. The furniture in the interior of the wood, and wicker.

5-pink Room

This interior is well suited to help modest-sized room, you can put a small closet, on the floor lay a small rug and floor vase will look in the interior perfectly.

6-beige cabinets

Light furniture can visually enlarge the room and expands the space. Also, you can place a separate hooks for clothes and bags, so they are not scattered.

7-spacious hallway

Built-in wardrobe which will look great in the hallway, it can accommodate a lot of things, clothes and shoes, can also be used for storage of winter preparations.

8-green channel

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