Interiors with gray and inviting sofas

November 15, 2013
Posted in Furniture

1-gray sofa

Gray sofa in the interior can look in the interior harmony, comfortable and cozy. Also, when you create the interior you can and should pay attention to the walls and their color, texture, and also worth to choose the right furniture.

2-green pillows

The main room of the apartment is primarily a living room, it was in this room, the family spends the most time in the living room. Also in the living room we meet and spend the holidays with friends and family.

3-dark gray sofas

The main subject in the interior of your living will, of course, convenient and comfortable sofa where you can sit comfortably. With a comfy sofa to relax and unwind.

4-light gray sofas

The sofa is chosen very seriously, as a rule, preference is given to classic black, bright colors or vice versa. Many people underestimate the gray sofa, and for good reason. Gray sofa can look the interior of the great, if you create the right atmosphere.

5-beautiful sofa

If the interior of the room is bright, you should choose a more restrained and muted items, gray sofa will look in a room more successfully.

6-beautiful pillows

Caring for a gray sofa is very simple, it is easier to spot than to withdraw from a white sofa, or on the black couch will constantly dust, thread, wool, or pet. Choice of gray sofa – will give your interior an extravagant, refined look.

7-orange flowers

Gray sofa is safe to choose a large size, it would be very appropriate and look better than black and white. Gray sofa can look good with bright pillows, blanket, will be the most successful combination. Need to buy a new sofa, you can buy gray covers for the sofa that you can always change to another color.

8-yellow pillows

9-purple cushions

10-green walls

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