Spacious Penthouse with high ceilings

November 18, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-living room

This beautiful penthouse is located in Kiev. The area of ​​this house of 160 square meters. This house consists of three floors and has high ceilings, and visually enhance the space.
The rooms on the ground floor: master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, guest room with bathroom, children’s room. On the second floor is the main living room and the kitchen, and what is most interesting terrace. The third floor there is a work area and a sports hall, which is very convenient and practical, and functional.

2-large spacious kitchen

Convenient location on the second floor terrace, allows straight from the kitchen will go to the terrace, or from the living room, which is very convenient. The interior uses shades of brown and yellow elements, which looks good in accessories and furniture. With this color scheme house is filled with warmth and yellow.

3-large spacious children's room

Children’s room is well fills the room with bright objects. Vivid pictures on the wall, a large number of toys, fairy-tale characters live in this room. All items are made of environmentally friendly materials, fabrics, furniture, paint. When the child grows up, the room can easily be transformed for teen rooms.

4-spacious bedroom

Bedroom is filled with bright yellow colors and blends well with the gray walls. The ceiling and cabinets made in white colors, bright floor of the floorboard, and beautiful black chandeliers have an interesting design.

5-a spacious living room

The living room accessories used in African style. Kitchen combined with living room and a small trim and Zoning two rooms. Staircase in the kitchen leads to the third floor, where the study room, and a gym. The furniture in the interior uses only the trend, the hosts are very well versed in brands and are looking for a functional and fashionable furniture.

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