Beautiful and comfortable sauna

November 19, 2013
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1-light bath

Each pattern begins with a steam bath, and its interior should be to equip a very comfortable and cozy. The sauna and steam all should be harmonious, in the bath are not welcome flashy and fanciful shapes, and bright colors are not welcome.
The sauna should be nothing superfluous and catchy look. Corners of the room should be comfortable and that highlight the room, expanding its space. Corners of the room should not draw attention to himself. The sauna uses natural wood, it is desirable to use a material of the same breed, and also do not have to choose a bright color and one should not be variegated shades of cutting the eye.
Bath has to be done carefully so it was impossible to get injured, it is better to choose the surface rough. The path may look expensive and beautiful, but the practicality and convenience are more appropriate in the sauna.

The bath is Turkish or Russian, and the main feature of this stove, it may be on the rocks, or Russian, or electric. For example Russian stove made of red bricks, no processing plaster. The oven looks harmonious and attractive, and it does not require additional finishing.

The shelves in the sauna should be comfortable and practical to take into account the fact that they can lie down or sit down. The best option embedding in a sauna 5-10 people. The shelves are made up of a plurality of narrow boards, allowing boards to breathe, and not much heat. Also the lighting can be placed on the shelves, and then in the bath will be soft and comfortable light, which will have to take a breather and relax. Doors best installed wood or glass, they can be both transparent and opaque, and glass must be durable and heat resistant.

2-beautiful lighting

4-beautiful sauna

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6-beautiful oven

7-beautiful shelves

8-soft lighting

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