Small and cozy house in the woods

November 21, 2013
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Nice and cozy cabin in the forest can be a modern quilt. These homes are situated in the forests of Sweden, these two families are very modest, but cozy and cute. These homes are designed to work, reading books. The houses are very competent decor and furniture placement.


With the entrance of the house resembles a simple shed, wheel with wood and most cost-coated doors most simple, wooden, and slightly frayed.

3-small kitchen

Entrance to the kitchen opens to the big doors, there is a wide entrance that can hide shields. Kitchen white Scandinavian style has a matte surface. Encased in natural wood flooring.

4-light floor

The second house furniture is light, made of wood. Refrigerator silver looks very symmetrical, and combined with modern furniture.

5-round table

The room has a comfortable round table with a beautiful black cloth, next to him is a comfortable chair, leather faux fur on the left is an old bookcase with shelves for books.

6-Outdoor table

On the street there is a summer terrace, wooden floor is laid, which is convenient to put a chair and a table in nature can drink tea, or sit in the evening with friends.


This apartment has a convenient sliding table, which can be placed in any corner of the house. There is a bunk bed, where you can relax, lie down or sleep. Under the bed there is a comfortable pullout shelf where you can store things or bed linen.


On the desktop, all neat and minimal, there are no extra parts, the computer can run two people, as there are two work areas, which are very convenient and does not require additional space.


In a small house can be located even three people, there is an upper and lower Russian one long bed, small windows in the room, but due to the big front door, and have plenty of natural light.

10-two houses next

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