8 fashion beautiful shelves

November 29, 2013
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Beautiful blue color in the interior will look good in the kitchen but it is not recommended to use because it is not well designed for cooking and eating. But some do accents colors. This beautiful kitchen is blue, with blue elements. Shelf in the interior is very cumbersome and interesting, especially it the fact that there is a beautiful signature at the end.

2-shelf on one leg

Fill an empty corner is sometimes problematic, if not beautiful rack and shelving. Shelf in the living room, which fits into the interior, despite the fact that it is cumbersome, it looks very compact due to the pole on which are strung shelves. Pluses each shelf can be swiveled on a spit, and put down a special fixture that was not insured. The main task to fix it very well to avoid damage to equipment, accessories and do not break.

3-Shelves of books

Beautiful and interesting shelves that create the illusion of floating books on the wall. Shelves are constructed of thick volumes, which are bolted to the wall in the form of books, and on top are already simple books.

4-black shelves

Beautiful playful shelves, some overt, some closed, which is very convenient, there are two horizontal stems that hold rounded shelves. Beautiful large flowers give the interior freshness.

5-metal shelves

Aluminum shelves look very modern, moreover they are very interesting to hold onto the wall, held almost hidden ropes. Shelves are descending from the top is the narrowest, is widest at the bottom shelf.

6-curved shelves

This wall is a strange feeling, due to the fact that it possesses a curved shape. Shelves are made of bare plywood, which is very affordable and simple.

8-curved shelves

White shelves can be cleared up with bright lights; a rack will look with beautiful reflections. This rack can be used instead of partitions.

77-curved shelves

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