Pure white color in the interior

December 4, 2013
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1-white kitchen

White color in the interior has been utilized successfully in small apartments, rooms, it allows you to expand the space, make the room larger and spacious. White fills the room with light color. White objects, and white background look very nice and does not blend into the ground and become a single entity. White is – clean, friendly. White has to relaxing and joyful positive upturn.

In the modern interior uses a large amount of white, it is well relieves stress and depression. White color is very stable and is positive energy. Use the rounded forms of furniture in white, so the furniture will seem small in size.
The use of white color in the interior will delight any designer with him very easy to work with because it combines well with other shades and vivid colors. For example, you can use a white background in the room and a couple of three white furniture items, other items may be smarter and more saturated.

White combines well with dark color makes the room elegant – a perfect combination. Natural wood tones make the room warmer and comfortable. The vibrant red or fuchsia can create daring atmosphere, causing the room brighter.

White is the ideal place in combination with other inks, utilizing vivid colors can be divided areas and create a function room. For example, take place with light and bright corner chair for reading books, a desk light color nagging bright chair, subjects should live well.

White color is combined with patterns, ornaments, beautiful drawings, and interesting accessories. The room in which there are beautiful items will be combined perfectly and look harmonious.

2-white bathroom

3-white living room

4-white table

5-white kitchen

6-white bathroom

7-light table

8-white living room

9-beautiful fireplace

10-beautiful accessory

11-white bedroom

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