10 cuisine options in Scandinavian style

December 10, 2013
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1-white kitchen

Scandinavian style is always different from other modes of restraint, and tranquility and its brevity. Scandinavian style is very comfy and cozy. Scandinavian style has become very popular lately. Bright kitchen always looks really beautiful, harmonious, a place where you want to create culinary masterpieces. Bright kitchen has to top a perfect day. Scandinavian style is used in countries such as – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the cities where it was born this beautiful style. In the Scandinavian style is usually used natural materials, natural light, and concise form.

Scandinavian style will look in the kitchen of any size – spotless and beautiful. Scandinavian style is one of the most simple, popular. White space and even design of small kitchen will make it cozy and comfortable.The main task is to create a comfortable and warm lighting, the best in more light, natural is also required to allocate work area. Light in the kitchen should be warm, which will warm and cool white interior. The windows in the Scandinavian style curtains are hardly used to arrive in the room more light. But if that option seems uncomfortable, you should take the easy selection of curtains, or curtains, sheer color.

Use plenty of supplemental lighting lamps but must be hidden and closed, the best built -in furniture, the main chandelier can be made of natural crystal, it will be the most important accessory and it is better to lay over the dining table.Scandinavian style – is primarily white, the other bright objects or accessories only complement his best to add live plants, and green pots make the kitchen a cozy, fresh and refreshing. Some of the rooms can be distinguished ornaments, drawings, colorful wallpaper. The better technique is to choose one that can be easily incorporated into the furniture.

Accessories should be bright and pretty , choose beautiful napkins, beautiful dishes, you can use interesting pictures, posters, beautiful baskets, or accessories made of wood or wool pillows will look very harmonious.

2-white chairs

3-white tile

4-gray tiles

5-dark tiles

6-brick walls

7-beautiful chandelier

8-checkerboard tile

9-green wall

10-chairs with wool

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