How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

December 11, 2013
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Preparation without a Christmas tree, one of the most significant moments in the design . Green beauty in the very interior decorates your interior, and sorry if you live in the house to put the Christmas tree, you can buy an artificial, which will attend no less advantageous.

On Christmas bazaars and shops can be found in a wide variety of choices, from classic green firs, two colors, or white. In a wide variety of easy to get confused and choose the good and quality spruce. You can also find a Christmas tree covered with snow even alleged, or with bright LED and branches.

Prices for trees can be expensive and cheap, there for everyone. Cheap spruce imported from China, and more expensive in Germany. Issue price depends on the size, color and quality of the tree.
For long-term use of a Christmas tree, you should pick out a Christmas tree with stiff arms, needles, and color tone. Durability tree and its branches is checked very simple way, move your hand in the opposite direction if the needles are not sprinkle means tree quality, and if sprinkled – not very good quality, and fast sprinkling.

Artificial spruce should be fireproof, this is a really important task as tree decorated with lights. Christmas tree design, you can choose not only the classic color, but can be silver, blue, yellow. Do trees have three types of material from which they are made: cut their films, cast needle. The most expensive Christmas tree with cast branches.

Pluses artificial Christmas tree: no need to spend days of every year a new, no need to remove branches from living Sprinkle firs. The only minus artificial Christmas tree it is expensive, and does not smell like a natural tree.

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