Making New Year’s interior in black and white

December 11, 2013
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The combination of black and white color will change not only in the interior, but in the New Year decoration. This interior is suited for those who do not like bright colors, but likes change minimum on holidays.  Also can be a white tree with beautiful black balls Glitter such elegance accentuate the room and make it low-key and strict. The combination of white and black – this classic standard which is preferred in the interior and clothing. This interior is well suited for those who like the style of minimalism.

Guests are sure to pay attention to a very refined interior and they will love it – unusual and very stylish. Producing a black and white style for some would be ideal and a great choice for interior decoration .
This interior is very relevant for people who live in the countries of bright, very warm, and they want to chill and gray shades. The interior can be used accessories such as napkins, candles, black and white dishes, candlesticks and candles just. The interior in this style can look very stained.

The interior can be diluted golden objects, it can be eaten or balls. Also it can be simple branches with gold and beautiful accessories. It would be best if the style is mellow and consist of only two colors. Interior in a style considered the most spectacular, but many fear it , because they think black bleak and boring, but in combination with white , it looks – great. In this collection you will find some fantastic ideas for inspiration, and the opportunity to realize his dream.

2-lack table

5-beautiful socks

6-black objects

7-black ornaments

8-black sofa

9-black accessories

black tray-


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