10 interiors in purple color

December 12, 2013
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1-purple color in the nursery

Purple color in the interior – it is very difficult and rare color in the use of the interior, it is used very rarely. The reason for this is that the color purple itself is very dark, and for the reason that it plays a significant role in the human psyche. Therefore, the interior can be used only in certain situations.

2-purple with green

Purple of all the colors is one of the darkest. This color is preferred by people who are constantly on the move, engage in creativity. In a pot of purple color can affect negatively on the human psyche.

3-purple with green

Wallpaper dark purple color rarely used, so when you use a background in violet color, use white elements and some bits of white wall. Additional white accessory can become white furniture or clean carpet.

4-white room

Violet use furniture in the same style, in some ways, this furniture can be a different color, for example yellow, or gray, which is very different from the violet background.

5-glamorous purple

Purple color in combination with gray and gold will look very glamorous and arrogant, this style is suited for those who enjoy luxury.

6-beautiful bedroom

Purple color may not be very dark, it can be gentle, this color will make the room nice and snug. Shades gentle violet looks very gently, and blends well with other shades for example, white and gray.

7-beige with purple

The color purple is perfectly blended with the color of chocolate, such interior looks very expensive and luxurious.

8-yellow with purple

Purple color can be very dark, it can be gentle, this color will make the room cozy and cute. Shades of pale purple color look very gently, and blends well with other shades to suit with white and gray.

9-dark purple

Dark purple color well and will look beautiful with soft green, the color of turquoise, these shades will look harmonious interior.

10-low furniture

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