Interior in a beautiful cage

December 16, 2013
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1-cell in the interior

Checkered pattern called “genggang “.  Interior with a cell of looks very modern and elegant, it can be as strict and cheerful. All in general depends on the color cells, the darker, the stricter the brighter, the better. Moreover cell combines well with other patterns (stripes, circles, squares).

The best option for kitchen design is a pattern in the box, bright cell will give the interior comfort, freshness and restraint. For example, the cell may be used in the textile, it may be a curtain, a tablecloth or a beautiful and napkins, or towel.
In the bedroom you can use cushions, both small cell and large cell with. The combination of large cells is best viewed in textiles and small cells, fine looks good on kitchen accessories and utensils .

Cell is better to choose very bright colors. Choose bright and saturated colors if you want to make the interior bright and varied. With bright patterns look good and simple pastel colors: blue, white, gray.

If not possible to use the cell as the basic background, you can look at the accessories. Use cell in the design of the rug, tiled or staggered. These floors in the interior make the room brighter and more pleasant. Cell in the interior decoration should emphasize the interior, but do not overdo your interior.

The strictest style interior in a checkerboard. This interior is ideal for those who do not like unnecessary details. Cheerful interior with cell is suitable for those who have a big family with kids, or just loves cheerful interiors. The interior looks good blurred background cell, it does not distort and make the room attractive. Rustic hutch in classic red and white color will look good in a rustic style.

2-red cells

3-blue cells

4-pink wall

5-white wall

6-gray wall

7-beautiful chair

8-green cell

9-beautiful cell

10-beautiful cell

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