Home Decoration for New Year holidays

December 24, 2013
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1-beautiful wreath

If you want to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, you can adorn a Christmas holiday apartment in Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style interior will make the house more harmonious and loyal.

2-wooden bed

For example, you can decorate the inside with a garland made of ice, a wreath of course you can only put on the street, for this you will need a round shape, shiny berries, green leaves, twigs, tinsel, and a beautiful ribbon.

3-live tree

Everyone has their own individual style interior design, then you should choose the one that suits to you. In Scandinavian-style set of white, red and green. The main photon can be white, and complement its green tones and red.

4-many branches

Green is refreshing and crisp, with it you can decorate the inside. Scandinavian decorating style should be clear and smart objects. Moreover interior with this mode is more natural.

5-alternative tree

The main task to decorate the interior, you cannot use the tree, and come up with a good alternative, it can be a beautiful part of the branch on which you can decorate cards, a small amount of toys, delicate and beautiful ribbons.

6-beautiful sill

Sill – this is a magical place that you can decorate pillows, flowers, and candles, a perfect place to spend time in the warm New Year’s Eve.

7-green with white

White bathroom looks great with a mix of green, for example, you can put a tree branch in a jar and wrap up its corrugated paper.

8-beautiful table

Original candlesticks in the form of pots and artificial moss look very interesting, but a little dangerous, so do not leave candles unattended.

9-tree in a pot

The tree can tolerate not only artificial, it can be and leave it can be placed in a beautiful pot, if it gets there, and looks very natural.

10=beautiful laziness

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