Beautiful children’s wardrobes

January 17, 2014
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1-bright turquoise

Children’s room is one of those situations where there should be a convenient closet or cupboard where you can store items, toys and other items. Usually have a very large number of children’s clothing, lingerie, toys, and other items that need somewhere to hide, so the room was not filled up, and teach a child to order from childhood.
Wardrobe can be positioned in various areas: shelves can be under the bed, wardrobe, shelves, baskets, special pockets where you can put smaller items. Children’s room – a place where the furniture should be easy and convenient to rearrange and be very functional and comfortable for the child, it must also be sized for a child. You can buy baskets and containers that can be easily rearranged in any room space.
Also worth separate things by season, for example higher put clothes that do not need you in the summer, summer leave only summer clothes and shoes. Convenient for storage and drawers, this can be stored as toys and lingerie. Solve the problem of disorder on weight pockets on the door is opened, the walls, which can be folded and toys so you can solve the problem of clutter.
If two children are best to use a separate room, for example, this can be a storage room, can also be used to store toys. Should focus on choosing the right furniture, you should not choose dark cabinets, it is best to choose light furniture, bedding shades. Do not choose dark furniture, it can look very dejected and dispirited. Cabinets can be ordered on the children’s posters, stickers and beautiful.

2wooden floor

3-cute Closet

4-huge walk in closet

5-blue dressing

6-brown dressing

7-green dressing



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