Bright apartment in Manhattan

January 21, 2014
Posted in Apartments


This spacious flat is located in the Americas, in Manhattan. The living room has one large panel that includes a multitude of storage compartments. There are also open shelves for storing books, supplements and other things. The apartment has a large and open and beautiful window. Floor and ceiling light in color, the floor is beautiful shaggy carpet.


The hall has a pale wooden box in the room there is a large amount of artificial light and warm in the walls there are beautiful and closed cabinets, which is convenient to store things, wearing apparel, and even household appliances.



Lots of furniture located in the same wall as the kitchen studio with a beautiful lounge and a beautiful table and chairs, it takes not much space and looks great.


The apartment has a modest number of paintings, and some beautiful accessories.


Kitchen – open, large and spacious, connected to the living room, the main color of the room – light and shades of beige. Also present and blue colors that resemble the beautiful ocean and sand.


Kitchen has beautiful, comfortable and spacious place to work on the food and also has a bar, which can be just for a cup of coffee or tea mug.


The workplace is located in a small room, separate from the whole. The table is small and very comfortable. The table can be positioned a small laptop or book reader, which is very convenient. Also, there is a beautiful and interesting chair.


In many rooms have a partition, matte, which seems to hide and makes room for the puzzle, the room is very beautiful and interesting. In general, flat and light creates a pleasant atmosphere. Suitable for young couples and harmoniously.


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