Tiny house for two family members

February 7, 2014
Posted in Apartments


Lovely and bright eco-lodge situated in the town of Sevastopol, California. This house is built exclusively for the designer herself. Every corner of this homemade excellent and very carefully, has all the amenities for work and leisure. This home decorator Alec Lisefski this house was built it themselves in one year. Kitchen interior is very small and tiny, but functional. Also has a home office and work.

The house has two living people, a friend of Alec, and a dog. The architect believes that this interior is very comfortable, practical, and do not compete with large apartments. Even here, there is a second floor, closet and shelves for storage. The interior has a lot of windows. The sitting room has a sofa, even light. Above the doorway there is a beautiful and bookshelf, where there are plenty of books and interesting accessories. Around the house are beautiful and interesting plants, herbs and trees. The chamber is situated on the second floor, you can easily go upstairs, which is very easy and functional.

The dining table is very practically and convenient it can be easily removed if needed additional location for the invitees. Besides, there is a convenient place computer, which is very practical, have built-in niches where they can stand accessories, and household items. The kitchen has sliding cabinets, shelves for dishes, and storage of cereals and products. Bedroom light, comfortable and practical, very large and comfortable bed, which allows you to relax after a hard day. The whole house is made of weak wood, very nice color and texture.








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