Two bedroom apartment in Scandinavian style

February 28, 2014
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In this blog, lovely decor bedroom apartment, which may assist you in building and equipping of all cushy. Scandinavian style is filled with white and cream color. In the Scandinavian style using bright accents, and the brightest colors. Hall sets out with a hanger. Entry to the apartment is bright, rainbow rug, a comfortable chair with a pink cover, pillow and bright


Fantastic apartment situated in Sweden, in the little town of Gothenburg. The flat is really broad and large, little furniture in the interior, which constitutes a vast room. Smart and broad, with vivid accents. Design semicircular rooms.


In Scandinavian interior can use bright carpets, blankets, handmade related, they look warm and really beautiful. The living way is little furniture: chair, TV, chest of drawers, tables bright turquoise. In the interior there is a beautiful chandelier in the form of bells, which look very nice and bright, which reaches the interior very interesting.


A marvelous way through the room turned bedroom, and through it you can get to the kitchen and sleeping room. Despite the blank walls, the interior bright linens used for interior seemed pleasant and easy.


Also employed in the interior of green plants in flowerpots. The interior with plenty of natural sparkle, as each zone separately highlighted that makes the home cozy.


The kitchen is located in parallel, and there are comfortable dining tables, and there is a comfortable sitting area where you can sit and enjoy their meals as a family.


The kitchen is small, is only 12 square meters, but comfortable furniture allows you to order all the equipment is very convenient and practical.


The interior receives a comfy bathroom, a classic white light. The flat also has a comfortable summer terrace with colorful cushions.






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