Bright studio apartment in Sweden

March 10, 2014
Posted in Apartments


Beautiful and roomy studio apartment is situated in Sweden. The flat is modest but really easy. The main color flat white, with brilliant and red accents that adorn the room and make it shiny and spicy.


The living room is really small but bright, with beautiful white accessories, such as white and compact drawers, also throws a beautiful tree that can be decorated for the seasons. For instance, in the wintertime it may be toys, or miscellanies, in the spring it can be figures of birds or flowers. In the middle of the living room is a little coffee table in clean with metal pegs.


From the living room has a beautiful aspect of the kitchen, and also at the dinner table that divides the kitchen and living room. Comfortable table, sofa, and you can utilize it to carry friendly event. The second wall, which singles out the living room and kitchen painted in script format.


The kitchen is modest and narrow, equally is the entrance corridor with bath, kitchen completely snow-white, and sustains a beautiful countertop, walnut color. From the kitchen a beautiful panorama of the hallway with bright wallpaper.


The kitchen has only lower cabinets, upper present, placed out in the kitchen apron with white tiles. In the interior, and are used fresh flowers gently pink color.


Along the other face of the room has a beautiful sight of the window, the floor is paved with light wood color countertops.


The living room holds a big bed, which executes the role for the respite, and nap, and the next is a comfy lounge where you can slow down and read a script, and a sofa bed shared shelf white color, which at hand to take a script.






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