Small apartment decorated with plywood

March 12, 2014
Posted in Apartments


The spacious and elegant flat is 75 square meters. Designer Claire Cousins, well treed, and deck the house with a simple plywood apartment she shared some areas. Thither are a great number of furniture for easy storage furniture, likewise holds a sliding door and other functional things that pull in life more comfortable.


The kitchen looks really interesting and unusual due to bare plywood, which are well refined, very right and beautiful.


White kitchen merges with the snowy top, the floor merges with drawers in the kitchen, and light walnut color looks really beautiful and awesome.


The bath is big and spacious, tile laid in a classic white color, and is not used white putty. White dilutes golden hardware.


The living room is very wide, the floor is laid in a similar color, and color plywood, also wall lined with plywood. The second level holds a beautiful staircase, which can be taken away.


Near the steps is a small depression, which is utilized as storage shelves, where you can leave things, books, and appurtenances.


Near the living room is a comfy and beautiful round table, which is situated near the kitchen and living room, separates the two areas, one’s comfort zone, and a rest area.


The sleeping accommodation is situated in a large block, which resembles a wooden box, and not like the room, and to a greater extent along the architectural object, which gets to the apartment with a wrench.


From the animation room, detached view of the concealed doors in different shades: light beige, peach, and is situated near the rack. Such a composition decorates the inside.




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