Classic apartment in Barcelona

March 18, 2014
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1-large room

This lovely beautiful located in Barcelona, ​​apartment is small but comfortable and practical. The interior uses classic style furniture too classical forms, as well as accessories. Items were bought in Barcelona, ​​France and Spain.

5-bright kitchen

Comfortable kitchen interior has a solid build, clean kitchen with gray covers. Thither is a freestanding table, which is an island, after which you can prepare a meal, or just dinner.

6-long corridor

 Hall in the interior of a long, white patterns to dress them, and filled with natural brightness. Hall shared kitchen, sleeping accommodation and other rooms. Top of the walls in the interior is colored brownish. The corridor is not used long carpet, there is round, with a big pot of brownish.


Bedroom in the interior has a similar color scheme, but in lighter shades of rich brown with milk. Bed in white with gray interior texture. Cloths in the bedroom are dark green. Above the bed is a beautiful and elegant crystal chandelier.

9-bright bedroom

The bedroom is very small, and is only intended to stay. Outside balcony has a chair in which you can have a respectable time and read a book. Above the bed beige background, and the other section of the room white.

11-gray living room

The living room is spacious and practical, in the essence of the room there is a sofa brown. In the living room there is a table seating, which is planned for six people. A table decorated with natural supplements. Tablecloth used burlap and placing ceramic tableware. Ceiling hike with a border and has a stark white color with beautiful moldings. The inside utilizes a great quantity of sweet roses, which constitute the interior soft and tender.

2-bright flowers

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