Small City Apartment in Classic Style

November 30, 2016
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Some designers believe that classic interior style is suitable for big private houses with high ceilings only, and in small apartments it looks ridiculous and out-of-place. In this 64 sq. m. apartment the designer has tried to dispute this common misconception. All of its rooms were renovated in new classic style without any alterations in the initial layout: a big kitchen, an elongated living room and a bedroom with a bay window. The owners, an old married couple, wanted to create a light and reserved classic interior on a modest  budget. Let’s take a look at the result!

The sense of lightness in a tight narrow hallway is reached by means of light color palette: wallpaper, doors, ceiling and décor are white and beige. Light glossy floor tiles also contribute to visual space expansion. An old-time street clock is a main accent of the corridor. So that it didn’t look out of place against the neutral background, the designer has “supported” it with a forged mirror frame.


The big living room has an elongated shape. To smooth it the designer has set a big wall-to-wall bookcase “at the end of the tunnel”. Light wood color helps to make big furniture look smaller. Dark wallpaper adds coziness and sophistication. White floor, ceiling and 3-D baseboard create the illusion of room height.


A fake fireplace portal with candles opposite the sofa is a traditional element of classic-style living room. Contrasting light wall panels along the room perimeter are also classics. Usually wall panels are darker than the primary wall color, but in this project it’s vice versa for the sake of more light in the room.


Bedroom is an island of peace and stability. Here the designer doesn’t arrange any accents – she is just dipping the room into natural light and delight. The centerpiece of the room is a bay window dressed up with drapes – thick curtains with subtle flower pattern provide a nice contrast to net curtains. A classic coffee table with curved legs and an elegant arm-chair are the finishing touch of a boudoir. The role of the bay window is highlighted with accent lighting and forged décor.


A roomy wardrobe is set into the wall niche and its face blends into the general wall color. The ceiling is also classic-style – with a medallion and a candle-style chandelier.



In the kitchen predominant color is aquamarine. Light panelled kitchen furniture plays on Provence motives. The designer makes the most of precious area: window sill is an extension of a table top, and the space under the window is arranged as a storage zone. Besides, this spot also conceals radiators.



A party wall is also not wasted – by means of a plasterboard construction with glass doors it becomes a small bonus kitchen cabinet. The dining zone is highlighted by contrasting wallpaper with large-scale pattern – one more trick to expand the room visually.


A small bathroom is accented by noble brown color: a few dark tiles on the wall and floor add volume to the room. A traditional shower curtain is replaced with more sanitary and stylish sliding glass doors. A cabinet with glass doors over the sink is also practical: it’s a bonus storage zone, which looks tidier than shelves, it is a mirror – a must-have in the bathroom, and it extends the small-size room visually again.





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