Mediterranean-Style Living Room in a Vacation Home

December 7, 2016
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You dream of a “summer” design, but don’t want to be confined to bright color palette and tropical houseplants on a windowsill? Take a look at this gorgeous lounge decorated in the Mediterranean style – it will definitely give you a boost of energy and inspiration. Don’t be surprised that this post is dedicated to just one room – it’s so good in itself!


The key idea of this interior is to replicate a lounge in a house at the seaside. The style is identified as Mediterranean – romantic, calm, soothing, cozy, and balanced – a perfect background for quiet family life in the countryside.


Initially the room had a different layout – it had a narrow corridor leading to the bathroom. The designer organized a direct exit to the bathroom and concealed it behind an invisible door frame. And the corridor was transformed into an arch-shaped wall construction with a niche, which created a perfect spot for putting a piano and a TV-set. Besides, this wall construction is meant to match the door aperture, which is also arch-shaped.




Big picture windows overlook the garden and give plenty of natural light, which extends the space visually.


If you look more closely, you will notice that the room is carefully divided into three functional zones: music, dining and relaxation one.


Color palette is pre-determined with the interior style: the background is white and versatile hues of blue are used as accents. Still, the interior doesn’t look cold thanks to warm brown color of furniture and the green exterior – in the rooms with French windows the landscape also becomes kind of an interior background.


Walls are finished with decorative plaster, which adds to man-made sense.


This room features many elements and designer tricks specific to Mediterranean interiors, such as wooden ceiling beams, blue ceramic tiles applied to the arch-shaped construction, and sea-coral pattern on the wall. Pastel furniture upholstery creates a perfect neutral background for decorative pillows.




And to add some modern accents in this classic interior, the decorator put a few abstract pictures on the wall. Their topic seems to be maritime as well)))


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