Mismatched Nightstands: How to Arrange Them Tastefully

December 8, 2016
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Is it possible to put two absolutely different nightstands in the bedroom without failures in style and aesthetics? Let’s check this out!


A mobile phone, a watch, an alarm clock, a book, a lamp, a glass of fresh water, a hand cream, a lip balm, a notebook, a sleeping mask… We put all kinds of stuff on our nightstands. You may hardly find a person who can do without a personal bedside storage spot.

Today we won’t be looking for a laconic and super-roomy bedside table with dozens of shelves, drawers, bulbs and spots for battery charge – we decided to concentrate on the aesthetic side of the question. In modern interior design putting two identical nightstands in the bedroom is like picking up the shoes, gloves and hat of the same color – it seems like a throwback to another century. Nowadays advanced aerobatics is to arrange two completely different bedside tables, which would still look good and stylish next to each other. Let’s see how to do this correctly!


Option 1: Nightstands mustn’t be 100% different

To avoid a kitsch look, they must have at least something in common: style, shape, height, width or anything else. Choose one or two parameters to your liking!




Option 2: Colors may be different, but they must match predominant colors of the interior

The most important thing is staying connected to other items of décor: furniture, headboard zone, curtains, accessories, bedspread or anything else. This way two mismatched nightstands will blend with the interior.







Option 3: Use similar finishing materials or décor

Bedside tables of different styles may be connected by means of similar finishing. For example, a classic and a modern nightstand can be glued over with pieces of glass – this would be especially perfect for a woman’s bedroom.



Option 4: Use similar accents

Choose the brightest accent in the room. On the photo below it’s a bright blue color of the plaid. One of the nightstands is coated with the paint of this color, and the other features a same-color accessory – a bright blue vase.


An accent is not necessarily a color. For example, the interior on the picture below is accented with lighting fixtures. Thus, lanterns hanging in the right nightstand zone are matched with a similar lamp on the left nightstand. As you may see, mismatch of the bedside tables doesn’t stand out.



Option 5: Use identical bedside lamps

This is the simplest and, perhaps, most popular designer trick for connecting mismatched bedside tables.



And to enhance the feeling of identity designers sometimes add more identical items, such as matching lamps and identical mirrors:


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