How to Refresh Your Home Office: 4 Quick Ideas

December 9, 2016
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Those of you who work from home know exactly how important the design of a home office is. If you’re starting to feel that now it takes you more time to complete the tasks than earlier, or you’re doing your job without much enthusiasm, take a closer look at your work space. Maybe it needs to be a little refreshed? And here are several useful and easy ideas.

1. Make an Inspiration Board

Try to make an inspiration board and arrange it above your desk. It’s a special spot where you can stick lovely pictures, favorite photos, useful notes, sketches, ideas and etc. This tool would be especially relevant to people whose jobs require a creative approach – they simply have to draw inspiration from somewhere. But even if your work is based on monotonous tasks and boring calculations, you may arrange a wishing board: bright and sweet images of what you’re dreaming of and what you are working for will definitely motivate you to work faster and harder.


2. Replace Your Chair

If by the end of the day you feel backache, you should consider replacing your chair. Maybe it is the reason for your moods? Find an ergonomic comfortable chair, which can be adjusted to your individual parameters.  A good chair is essential for fruitful and enjoyable work process.



And don’t forget about a proper sitting posture!



3. Add Light

Soft natural lighting is more comfortable and soothing than artificial one, that’s why sunlight is one more point of proper work space organization. Move your desk as close to the window as possible, and you will notice that this will boost your energy and speed.



4. Surround Yourself with Favorite Stuff

Even if your work space is tiny, it’s essential to find a place for your favorite things. They must be always in sight to inspire and motivate you. Just don’t overdo it – the space mustn’t be cluttered – one or two accents will be enough.





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