Studio Apartment with a Multifunctional Cubic Construction & Loft Bed

December 9, 2016
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What is special about this minimalist one-room apartment is its layout – it was totally replanned. When the hostess, who is an architect by the way, first saw it, she fell in love with high 4-m ceilings and big-size windows. As a result, she generated an idea to create a studio apartment – an integral open-plan space with an accent on big windows. But she also wanted to have a full-fledged storage system and keep the space open and non-cluttered. Thus an idea to add an extra cubic interior construction was born.

The cube with the stairs leading to a loft bed looks like a piece of furniture and an integral part of the interior. At the same time it’s super-functional: it houses a bathroom and a spacious walk-in closet, and a sleeping place, of course.  Thanks to this facility the useful area of the flat was increased from 32 to 40 sq. m.






Due to replanning, the kitchen zone appeared to be quite non-standard. Still, all essential kitchen utensils are stored in the cabinets below the tabletop. The owner decided to paint a backsplash wall dark as it seemed a little bit empty without traditional suspended cabinets.


The dining zone was inspired by Japanese interiors famous for their minimalism, compactness, and functionality. That’s why here you can see just 3 pieces of furniture: Quadrato table by De Padova reminding of 1960s, MDF Italia chair and Ile couch designed by Piero Lissoni. Small stuff was also carefully selected: white porcelain sockets and switches by Berker Serie1930 Porzellan in Bauhaus style and Martini Light lamps.





To arrange a loft bed on the cubic construction, the ceiling height of the bathroom had to be reduced to 2.1 meters. This is masked by means of LED lamps built into wall niches. The walls and flooring are finished with light gray marble-style tiles.



The basin cabinet was designed by the hostess, and the toilet bowl seat is concealed with a wooden G-Full bench by Hatria. The bench is matched by a same-color plank on the shower cabin floor, which is made from remainders of waterproof teak parquetry.



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